Forces of Nature

 We have at least four forms of natural interactions or forces around us in our universe. Study about these interaction explains our very existence in our universe.

The human body interacts with the forces of nature intricately and the study of these interactions can reveal facts about how we survive on this planet. However, this subject is scarcely studied systematically and applied in medicine as we are more inclined to treat the symptoms and we let the homoeostasis (i.e., calibration of the human body with the forces of nature) restore by itself. I see that this knowledge will help us recover from a disease in a more informed way and in fact, such knowledge will help us understand how to survive outside our earthly comfort zone.

With regards to Forces of Nature, I will continue to use the word ‘force’ rather than ‘interaction’ for convenience as some scientists would prefer the other way around.

Human beings exist and interact in a universe with at least four forms of forces which are:

  1. Gravitation,
  2. Electro-Magnetism,
  3. Strong interactive force and
  4. Weak interactive force.

While the gravitational force can be felt explicitly in a macro environment, the rest of these natural forces are more subtle to be felt. Our human body interacts in micro as well as macro environments with all of these forces of nature to maintain homoeostasis. We have various complex systems that regulate us with our atmosphere helping us to survive for our lifespan. I will discuss the human regulatory systems in the following pages.


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